Monday, January 25, 2010

Body Image: What Everyone But You Sees About Your Body Sex, Love & Life

***VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: Not Recommended for Men.****

What Everyone But You Sees About Your Body Sex, Love & Life:

This surprising article out from glamour magazine / boldly affirms the beauty found in every shape and size of woman and even dares to publish some model pictures of real people. It's not perfect, but it's a move in the right direction. Kudos to them.

Here are some highlights...

" can correct your body-image distortions without lying to yourself—and even look hotter in the process."

"I shoot nudes, and looking at a roll of film frame by frame, I can literally see the moment when a subject has forgotten about what she considers her problem areas. She’s stopped slouching, rounding her shoulders or even posing. To help her get to that point, I ask what she’s most proud of—her arms, legs, breasts, whatever—and I shoot it. Then we look at those shots together and, more often than not, when she sees them, she comes up with other things she likes." —Madame Athena Chang, portrait photographer

“Since pregnancy is such a transformational time, I use the opportunity to plant seeds with expectant mothers. I point out that women’s bodies are soft and round for a reason. For example, hips widen to accommodate the weight of a new life. And what we call the pooch—the slight roundness of the belly—stores needed estrogen. We’ve been poisoning ourselves with unrealistic images for so long that we see these parts as liabilities. But we can create life, for God’s sake! So I want all of us, pregnant or not, to embrace the changes our bodies undergo as a part of the natural order of things.”

"We asked guys all over the country to tell us what their ideal woman looks like, and every one said the same thing: “Confident!” Here’s what else turns their heads:

“What makes women so interesting to look at—and touch—is the contrast between their smaller, smooth areas and the plump, soft ones.” —Sam, 25, St. Louis

“Every woman has her own shape, and whatever that is, that’s what’s up.” —Jerome, 27, Charlotte, N.C.

—Kenrya Rankin Naasel "

God created the female body with an allure that is naturally attracting. Often times women hide this allure by the way they carry themselves. The truth is, when I woman realizes that she IS beautiful she carriers herself in a way that reveals that beauty.

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