Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weddings are Something to Get Excited About!

Marriage was God's idea and He gets excited about it!

No other institution reflects the character, personality, and beauty of God in creation like marriage. He wants us to enjoy marriage for all he created it to be.

When we enter into marriage with our hearts and minds in accord with God's we have the best chance of enjoying our marriage on days that end in "y" as long as we're breathing.

So while many couples spend a fortune and hundreds of hours planning a wedding, perhaps it's worth while to invest a little time and money into the only thing you'll take away from your wedding day that really matters YOUR MARRIAGE.

Pre-marital counseling can help establish a foundation for your marriage that will keep the joy and excitement lasting long after the wedding cake has gone stale.

With that kind of confidence going into your wedding you'll have a reason to dance and shout on your wedding these guys :)

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